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We provide assistance with all elements of the legal process:

Counsel and legal proceedings

  • Companies: commercial contracts and lawsuits;
  • Sports Law: arbitration, AD cases;
  • Partnerships: contracts and lawsuits under commercial law;
  • Matrimonial regimes and family disputes;
  • Civil liberty and insurance (damages; road traffic collisions).


  • Tax affairs: tax advice, planning and litigation; Swiss tax matters; VAT; international tax matters
  • Public finance: advice to public, semi-public and subsidised entities.

Construction and real estate

  • Building regulations and spatial planning; building permits; expropriation proceedings
  • Real estate: construction contracts and litigation; environmental and neighbourhood law; rights in rem (easements etc.); lease law.

Non-Swiss citizens

  • Immigration law: (permanent) residence and special permits; naturalisation
  • Real estate purchase by foreigners (ANRA): advice, appeals and disputes.


  • Advice and estate planning; tax planning
  • Inheritance disputes: disposition, division and deductions
  • Estate administration and liquidation.

Linking up expertise.